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Comparing this to Bloodsport (1988)

Kickboxer has a superior script, but Bloodsport is better paced.



I haven't watched Bloodsport in a while, but from what I remember of it and recently seeing this, I gotta things Bloodsport is better. Kickboxer is quite bad. Funny and entertaining, but bad.


I think that both films are GOOD martial arts films, but Bloodsport was always my preferred movie.

It's hard to put my finger on why. Maybe it was the Hong Kong setting. Maybe it was the superior villain. Maybe it was the superior sidekick characters. Probably it was all of that, and then some.

As a kid, the battle for my "favorite movie" was always between Bloodsport and Revenge of the Ninja.


Bloodsport is absolute dogshit (I'll never understand why it's so beloved?) The fights are garbage, no form, no technique (just gay-ass slow-mo and posturing) same with 'Double Impact' (sheesh!)

Kickboxer (and 'No Retreat No Surrender') highlight the best of Van Damme's (limited) skills.


I actually agree with you. Kickboxer has a better story and better character development.

Bloodsport is just the overall better movie, though. Awesome and unique fights with pretty cool choreography.


I'm not sure that Kickboxer has the better story. A guy out for revenge after his brother is injured feels like a worn out trope to me, whereas a guy evading the CIA so that he can honor his master feels more fresh, even today.

And I'm not sure about character DEVELOPMENT, but certainly the characters in Bloodsport are better. Ray Jackson, for instance, is a much better/more interesting and entertaining friend to the hero than Winston Taylor, and I have to say that I prefer Chong Li to Tong Po as well.


No disagreements here about the characters in Bloodsport being way better. They were all interesting and you really wanted to see various matchups between different fighters.


Bloosport has better music IMHO.

Bloodsport is less gay. Kickboxer is a fine MA film of its era, but you have to laugh at how gay it is.

Bloodsport has the training montage at the beginning, which highlights all the different fighting styles we'll see later in the film. There's also a tournament montage. Montages always rule, that's why we love Rocky movies so much!

Kickboxer looks better as a film. It clearly had better photography and better film stock.

Kickboxer arguably has a better villain.

Kickboxer has an in-depth training sequence. This is probably its greatest strength over Bloodsport.


Blood sport soundtrack is amazing. And now i must watch american kick boxer to appreciate the gayness