Her voice is amazing!

I remember as a kid being touched by Karen's voice and their songs. I also remember it was like a angel had died when I heard she died. It was unbelievable. The movie was on cable this week.. just caught it for the first time the other day. It showed how strong the love was in the family but surprising that the Mom couldn't say it. People need to hear it. It was odd.. a family with so much love in it .. they grew up so healthy and she still had that insecurity inherself that couldn't be fixed.

She will always be an Angel in my eyes. She is in my top 5. Top 5 celebs that if I could, I would have history rewritten and they didn't die. 1) Princess Di 2) JFK JR 3) Karen Carpenter 4) John Lennon 5) Rithie Valens.


Growing up in Connecticut they made a huge deal over the Carpenters.. During the time, all of us in the states kept on hearing thei songs on the radio, so I really didn't pay alot of attention to them.. Now I appreciate her too late.. I mean her voice was so fluid, it takes my breath away...

"I am a donut" (Eddie Izzard as JFK in Berlin)


She could have sung the phone book and given me butterflies.

The world is your lobster.