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Trivia: The Paramedics were the actual paramedics who took Karen

Just read online that apparently the paramedics that are seen wheeling Karen in the hospital were the real paramedics who took Ms Carpenter when she collapsed.

I'm not sure if this is Richard's input or what, who knows, it may be true, it may be false.

It seems strange that Richard had so much say and input yet ended up not liking it. I think I would know halfway through filming if something was working well or not, but then again I've never made a movie lol


I've never been in or made a movie, but I did learn a little bit of insight from a Netflix documentary. The docu was about an old movie called Troll 2. During filming, the cast thought they were making a good movie. They put their best effort into it. The movie was never released in theaters. A couple of years later, the kid who starred in the film got a vhs copy of the movie. He was shocked to see that it had turned out to be a terribly corny film. The cast only saw little bits and pieces while filming, and scenes are always shot out of order.

The Karen Carpemter Story was a cheap "movie of the week." I personally thought that it was pretty good. However, I did not know KC in real life, nor was I even alive during her stardom. If her brother was on the movie set a lot, then he saw the raw footage. Who knows how much the director cut or edited prior to releasing it. The finished version might have been completely different than how it looked while filming.