Good movie?!

I think this movie is AMAZING. I mean, it's SO BAD, so dramatic, so awful, that it's good.

Am I the only one on here who understands why Richard doesn't want this distributed in the US? The movie is a total laughing stock & gives the Carpenters a really, really bad name. I mean come on. The first time I saw this I literally died laughing. So poorly acted, so poorly written.

But... in the BEST way. Todd Haynes didn't even need to make Superstar. This film takes the freaking cake from Karen's closet.


Terrible movie. Dreadful movie. I think the producers told Louis Fletcher, "Play this character like Nurse Ratched, but make her even meaner and colder."

And then, God love them, they tried to give it a happy ending. I mean, if you're going to do the Karen Carpenter Story, you have to give up on the idea of a happy ending.


i happen to like this movie.. then again i am always watching crappy b rated movies all the time..
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I liked the movie, and I like how they got Louise Fletcher to Ratched it up. Richard Carpenter was the executive producer, so with Fletcher he got to demonstrate how terrible Agnes was.

As for the happy ending, by finishing the movie at a good point in her life and putting her death at the beginning, I think they chose a clever way of avoiding a downer ending without ignoring the tragedy.


Apparently the real Agnes Carpenter was FAR WORSE than the TV movie version, who was watered down through multiple script revisions. Read "Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter."

Louise Fletcher's passive-aggressive portrayal of the character was brilliant, IMO- still being able to find the acid behind the whitewashed dialogue.


It's enjoyable to watch...but yes it is pretty bad, the acting is laughable in parts:

-You kids want some hot dogs?

I'd love to see a more serious, well made movie about Karen.

The world is your lobster.


It's a tv movie so I never expected much. What's really painful is some of the truthfulness of the film - taking Karen's drums away from her pissed me off. No one would have ever done that to Richard EVER. No wonder she spiraled into anorexia so quickly after that.

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman 1967-2014... a tremendously great and talented actor.


I, for one, am glad that the movie was made. I agree, the acting was bad, and I later came to realize (after reading Ray Coleman's book) that this movie is loosely based on the lives of Karen and Richard... but if it hadn't been for this movie, I likely wouldn't be the Carpenters fan that I am today. I was 12 when the movie first aired, and I watched it with my parents. After the movie aired, my dad became obsessed with Karen Carpenter. He went out and bought many Carpenters albums, he'd play them all the time while at home and in the car, he took us to see her grave when it was at Forest Lawn Cypress one time when we were vacationing in Southern CA, and then he borrowed the Coleman book from the library (which I read after he was done). Many kids roll their eyes at their parents' hobbies or obsessions, but not this kid. After watching the movie, I wanted to learn more about Karen and Richard. I didn't become quite as obsessed as my dad was with them (at the time, anyway; but I did about five years later), and I loved her voice from the start, so I definitely didn't mind when my dad played their music. If it hadn't been for this movie, I don't think I would have gotten into them as much as I have. I probably would have become acquainted to her voice by listening to the radio, and I would have grown to appreciate it, but I don't think I would've taken the time to get to know the person behind the voice (by reading the book, and later reading about Karen and Richard on the Internet).