Worst Film Ever ? Never !

Having read the review above, I feel I have to defend this film a bit.
I can understand some folk not enjoying this, that's fair enough, but it's not even a distant contender for the 'worst film ever'.
Some of the jokes don't work too well, the swordfight scene is possibly a little more feeble than they were aiming for and the special effects don't look all that special in 2008.

However, it makes me laugh out loud in places and smile in the rest, has some really nice ideas and is a perfect piece of cinematic fun for a late night at the weekend. It possibly helps to be British I suppose - an affection for our toilet humour is needed too - but having sat through many Hollywood comedies over the past few years with often barely I smile, I find this an effective antidote.

Oh, and as for old adverts, the 'Strongbow' scene was a classic...

If you're after a bit of harmless, crude fun occasionally, look no further.