Complete Sh**t

Terrible film. Do not waste your time with it. Worst acting I have ever seen on film, the special FX are cheesy as hell, ridiculously stupid story and characters, and Ron Pallilo naked (GROSS)!!

I bought the DVD which is a double feature disc with "The Pit".

"The Pit", however is a GREAT early 80's classic. Worth buying the DVD just for that film. But don't bother flipping the disc over to watch "Hellgate". I've seen Disney films that were scarier than this piece of sh**t. AVOID!!


I agree. I also bought it for The Pit dvd...I had originally seen Hellgate back when it first came out on video and disliked it then, I thought maybe it would be one of those cases where I rewatch a film that I originally disliked but like it on a more recent viewing. Well, Hellgate was worse than I remember, and it didn't even manage to entertain on a so bad it's good level.


I liked the special effects, but the plot was kinda stupid.

I think him re-visiting Hellgate was a stupid motive. LOL

Happy Valentine's Day!