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crap in its purest form

1 out of 10

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Well, on defense of this movie, the hot zombie chick should raise your rating to 2 or 3/10 mainly because of her boobs.

Seriously, this is a terrible movie...

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I gave it a 2 because bad as it was it amused me. i laughed a lot during this one.

Did you see THE PIT? that ones hysterical!

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I love The Pit, been a big fan of it since I first saw it as a kid back in the early 80's, it's the only reason I even own the DVD...definitely not for Hellgate.

My head hurts, my teeth itch, my feet stink, and I don't love Jesus.


I gave it a 7 because I liked the special effects, the plot was rather unique, but I didn't like the nudity in the movie.

It was pointless.

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But as unintentional comedy? 9 out of 10 for me. I've watched it a couple if times and always get a ton of laughs out of Hellgate.