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Michael sitting in his jail cell with his mask on playing with his chain

Lol that looked so stupid, first of all its hilarious they locked him up with his mask on, wasn't aware cops let a serial killer keep their murder mask on when they arrest them, then we get a shot of him on one knee playing with his chain while they're watching him and he's all awkward like "Nobody look at me".

I mean we already saw him without his mask not long before this scene anyways, why not show him in his cell without his mask and crouched over in the corner in the dark where we can't quite see his face? wouldn't have looked as stupid as him sitting there with his mask on.


Him jiggling his chains like he’s bored and nervous pisses me off so much. It’s ridiculous that they wouldn’t have unmasked him upon arrest.

Nothing is worse than the fact that he cried, though.


Yeah him crying was fucking ridiculous, and it was pointless cause that never gets touched on again. Carpenter wrote him to be pure evil, a force of nature, the Boogeyman, and in this they got him like some tortured soul whos got feelings but has so much rage inside him that he can't control, but deep down he has feelings and hates what he's doing.

And yeah the jiggling his chains stuff is so stupid, just look at the original movie, Loomis told us he just sat in a room staring at a wall, and in H2 in flashbacks we see Michael just sitting and staring, never doing anything else, he damn sure was fidgeting with anything as you said like he was bored and nervous. Michael should've just been standing in the cell staring at them not moving.

But no that dumb director was probably like "Ok lets have Michael here sitting down and ya know playing and jiggling his chain almost like a nervous child, that'll be fantastic".


I’m not entirely sure how this writer/Director even got such a big job on a known Horror franchise. Looking at his IMDB, he had no business being involved and was in over his head.

Nobody, aside from maybe Rob Zombie, ever wanted a more emotional Myers that cries. All the sudden his Niece that he’s been trying to murder says that he looks like her, touches his face and that melts his black heart and hits him in his feels? Wild.

Michael should have just been standing there doing nothing. Maybe just staring through the cell bars. Shucks, guys, ya got me. I don’t know what to do with my hands. I’ll just twiddle my thumbs like a jackass.

It may be a hard thing to make a quality Halloween sequel but I think it would be real easy to not make one so goddamn offensive.


Yeah the Michael in this movie doesn't fit with any other incarnation of him, even in part 4 he acts comeptlely different, i could never picture the Michael in part 4 sitting in a jail cell playing with his chain or crying.

In H5 its almost like the director wanted to make him seem more like some legit screwed up mental patient on the loose who just needs someone to love him, instead of pure evil intent on killing anyone his path. How many times in this movie did we see Michael acting not like Michael? Theres so many moments where you think "I don't think Michael would do that".

And as you said Michael legit stops trying to kill his niece cause she calls him uncle and tells him he looks like her, then takes his mask off at her request almost instantly without even thinking about it, and sheds a tear, could you picture the Michael from 1, 2 or 4 doing that? HELLL NOOO.

And just the way he reacts when she attempts to touch his face isn't like Michael either, the way he jerks back really quick looking really angry, Michael don't show emotion like that, he's supposed to be emotionless. As i said this dumb ass director has him acting like some rage filled mental patient who needs some therapy.

I don't think the director had any clue about what Michael was supposed to be and the guy paying had no clue either.


They should have given him a harmonica to play.


Well, he was a crybaby so he could have sang the blues.