complete trash

halloween 4 was fantastic, i wa shooked and super excited for this but this was DULL

killing off rachel early?! having TINA with no connetcion to jamie be one of the leads?

having jamie be mute?

it wa sjust a dull movie

di dnot gain my intrest at all



I like Halloween 5. The only things I don't like are the killing off of Rachel, Dr. Loomis being a jerk, and the psychic connection. Other than that, the rest didn't bother me.


Lots to hate in this movie, but not the worst Halloween. Lot to hate though.

-Michael living with a hermit for a year
- Jamie being mute and having a psychic connection with Michael
- The poor attempt at comic relief by the Cops
- Rachel killed off too early
- Man in black
- Myers house turning into Myers mansion


I might be alone here, but I loved the comic relief cops! They had some good lines:

"Fortunately, we're lousy cops"

"Someone could get hurt with that thing."
"Hey, someone's gonna get hurt with that thing!"
"Unbelievable. No respect for authority anymore."
"It's the parents."

"That look like a life-threatening situation to you?"
"Nah. Play Crazy Eights?"


Michael fucking crying.

Michael fidgeting with his cuffs/chains in jail.


I actually liked them killing off Rachel that early since it was so unexpected. The worst parts of this sequel for me were the bumbling cops used as comedy relief.


I liked a couple of the kills, like Mikey’s and that one guy in the barn that got killed with a pitchfork.