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What I remember from the movie

It has been a long time since I seen the movie.
But, I often equate the movie to my life.

I guess I am not that bright.
You can tell by my spelling, grammatical errors and lack of memory.
So, I know how the character who overdosed on anphetimes feels.
He is so lucky to be in such a position that he takes for granted.

I guess we all do that. Take things for granted.
We don't really push ourselves to the extent of OD'ing on Anphetamines, like Dr. Winchester. (M*A*S*H reference)(Really good episode I might add.)

I also know about that "Black Hole" guy. A totally gifted person, but did nothing with his talents. Now, he is in a wheel chair with some disease.

And me, struggling to get B's on my report card.
But, then again, there are those who wish they could go to the schools I go to.