VHS Not Good - Need DVD

Just found my 1989 Turner copy of Gore Vidal's Billy the Kid starring Val Kilmer, My VHS copy is not good. Recorded at LP (Long Play) speed, the sound is not good and the picture is not clear. I need DVD copy or better yet Blu Ray, it's not available. I went to eBay where you can get about anything on the planet and there's no DVD of this film. Only VHS. It's a great production. I remember it was. Filmed in Old Tucson there's plenty of Sahuaro cactus with the arms and lots of Adobe buildings, looks like the southwest. I'm from New Mexico, 70 miles from Lincoln; I know Billy the Kid and his story well. I would like to find a young guy (18) dress him in the right clothes and film the real Billy the Kid story where it actually happened. Maybe Wyatt Earp in Dodge City and Tombstone too. ... They (John Ford, John Sturges) always have to 'muck it up'. I'd like to tell it right. This one's pretty good. Thank you Gore Vidal for accurate story. John