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The US Flags in several scenes

My 13 yr old son and I watched recently and he questioned the two versions of US flags seen in the movie. He did some research and found the following - First is one where the small state stars are in the shape of a larger star on the blue field (33 star flag). The other is where the small state stars are in two concentric circle (34 star flag). Those flags are accurate for the time period of the movie, and well done to the movie for getting this right. Just another reason why I love this movie so much -- must have watched it 50+ times. The score, acting, filming, etc - just top notch. Broderick as Shaw was outstanding. And as a military history buff and war movie fanatic, I say without hesitation the whole assault on Ft Wagner scene - from the time Shaw puts his uniform on in the tent, through his emotional walk through the soldiers (We...we...are ready Colonel), through the prep scenes on the beach (The 54th is ready sir), to the final assault, are the FINEST military battle scenes EVER put on film. I put these scenes up against ANY OTHER MOVIE.