when I first saw a raw Japanese version of the film there was English dialogue with Japanese subtitling done, however the initial ADV release of the film on VHS wiped out all of the original English and replaced it with an inferior English dub - does anyone know if a proper release is or will be available with the original English dialogue restored and an option for subtitles for the Japanese dialogue?


Check at They're selling a DVD version of Gunhed that has both versions on it.

Both versions meaning:

- The original Japanese/english soundtrack, with English subtitling when characters talk in Japanese.
- The full-English dubbed version.


Thanks I had given up on this on hitting dvd. I know some people dont like this flick but i would love to turn this into a video game or a modern big budget remake. Ofcourse I will never have the cash to do so. Always thought they just scratched the surface of what they could have with this one.


I totally agree, on all counts!

And yes, this would make an awesome computer/video game. And with today's hardware around, it would probably look better than the movie did.

There actually was a Gunhed game out at the time, by the way, but AFAIK it shared only the name with the movie. I think it was a 2D scrolling shooter type thing.



I picked up a VHS copy of the English/Japanese verison of this film while at a horror convention. Mine's got the Japanese subtitles as well on the sides of the screen, but also Chinese subtitles at the bottom of the screen during the entire film

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