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what annoys me - never heard of it - amazon wants $$$??

Didnt we ALL pay for this?? Public Domain?

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Yes we did! You might call it the most expensive move even made. The Apollo program cost $25.4 billion in 1973 dollars. Avatar is nothing compared to that.

Funny question, but the real answer (as I understand it) is that the footage may nearly all be public domain, but what the filmmakers have done with it is their own creation. Meaning, the film For All Mankind, which was skillfully produced, directed, edited and scored by a company that is not Nasa, can be copyrighted, but the source audio and video cannot.

NASA footage, photos, etc are public domain and can be used within certain guidelines. Here's info from


I think I would have preferred that NASA put this together, and the production cost (script, editing etc.) be passed on to us who purchase it, but earmarked for further NASA funding. Same with any advertising dollars if it aired on a network.


You can find copies in Barnes & Noble stores for $19 during July or November.

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