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Missing tracks on 'Music for Films III'

The 'Music for Films III' CD from 1988 has all the tracks from the film
not included on the Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks from 1983.

Total time is 21 minutes.

01 - Tension Block
07 - Saint Tom
08 - White Mustang
09 - Sirens
10 - Asian River
12 - Quixote

BTW, Eno's CD 'Small Craft on a Milk Sea' from 2010
is the most 'Apollo' sounding music he's done since the film.
Skip tracks 4 to 9 as they have a strong beat and don't
blend in with the rest of the music.

The soundtrack for Trainspotting also
incuded 'Deep Blue Day' on track 2.


Many thanks for this information!