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Alternate Versions Madness

I really love this movie. Can anyone sort out for me what cut versions there are?

First, there seems to be the UK cut which runs about 90 minutes. Second, rumour has it that there is some sort of 100 minutes (US?) (director's?) cut. Now, the new German box set includes a cut which runs about 100 minutes and has numerous new scenes here and there. Could this be the US cut?

I was also thinking about getting the new Director's (Son's) cut, but if it is actually shorter and even changes the order of events, I think it sucks.


I just bought the U.K. Director's Son's Cut. It's a 2-Disc set which has the Director's Son's Cut, and the original U.K. Cut.

The 100 minute U.S. cut was a rushed version. Terry Jones preferred the shorter U.K. cut, even though it too was rushed, but now prefers the even shorter version (75 mins).

I watched the short DS's Cut and it was a lot better than I remember the film being. So I think you should give it a chance. It's cheap too, I think I paid £3 on Amazon.

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I LOVE Erik. Ive been waiting YEARS to see this on DVD. Now they release this new shorter cut, and I am SO disappointed. It feels rushed and choppy. Guess I'll have to hold on to my old LaserDisc of the original US cut.


get the uk version that looks like a book it has the full version on it


It's well worth getting the Directors Sons Cut for the reason that it has both the 90 minute UK edition and the even-shorter DSC version. I've now got all three editions including the region-free australian version that runs to 100 minutes and now prefer the UK theatrical edition. Editor Bill Jones took too much stuff out of his version, though the new DSC sound mix is superb...

I've also found after watching the 100 minute version that there is absolutely nothing worth keeping in that version of the film, and that Jones was right in tightening up the pace of the film...


That's not the UK theatrical version, which ran just over 107 minutes after 37 seconds of censor cuts - it's actually the 90-minute UK video version: Jones trimmed a few minutes for the UK video release (including a joke about Leif the Lucky) after the genuine theatrical version got bad reviews. It's still not been released in any English speaking teritory.

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