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Any one ever try Dilaudid?

My wife had minor surgery recently and her doctor prescribed Dilaudid for any residual pain. My wife has an aversion to painkillers so she wouldn't take any.

I tried it last weekend (orally of course). While I should preface the fact that I'm a lightweight when it comes to prescription pain medicine I thought Bob's description of the euphoria associated with taking Dilaudid very accurate. A very warm feeling in the back of the neck spreading throughout the entire body followed by a feeling of complete contentness. The feeling lasted about 12 hours into early the next morning. I guess it lasted so long being it was my "cherry high".

Has any one else ever tried it?


I was given some for pain in a hospital and since I had only mostly done pot and hallucinogens, I was kind of fascinated that that they were giving me dilaudid because my only experience was hearing about it so much in this movie. It made me nauseated. I was disappointed after all the hype of them robbing drugstores to get this drug that I didn't enjoy being high on it.