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The sad moments of this movie

As funny as it is, here are some things I found sad about it.

When the bad cops go into the locker of Alverez, you can see a child's drawing which he used to decorate on the inside door of his locker.
This means that Alverez was killed and had a kid.
Oh man. Did they really have to put that drawing there?

When Henry gets tossed out of the bar, at first it is funny but then when he cries out, "Will someone please take me back to my room!" that gets me. You can hear the desperation of how badly he wants to be back in the comforts of the place he knows as home.

And then later on when Henry is back seeing his wife and daughter. Tears come from how bitter sweet that whole scene is.


I think part of what makes a really good comedy is that there will be a central theme which also could have been played for drama, plus there will be some touches of poignancy.

(But I'm not a big fan of the pie-in-the-face laff fest.)