How NOT to interview witness

Watching this little gem again, and George Denver demonstrate how not to interview eyewitness. This is after the gang's robbery at a quickie mart to get Nick's bail money. George was rather belligerent in his questioning, feeding a traumatized witness with his vision of things about scar on the robber's left face. Carlos have no such scar and the witness already said she didn't get a good look at him. After a couple of more lines of eyewitness feeding, she agreed with him. George got what he wanted to hear, completely missing the fact that there's a whole gang of robbers in town for a score.


OF course! It was the WORST! Talk about 'leading the witness'. But that's what made it funny. These guys were so obsessed with Salazar that they were the very "morons" that they feared people would judge them to be. :)

Great film! I had friends who were cops who were laughing so hard at that scene! It was so ridiculous! And yes, it was so over the top that a decent lawyer would have destroyed the ID in cross. :D

Dr. Kila Marr was right. Kill the Crystalline Entity.