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Favorite Scene and Favorite Character

Okay so I have read the postings under this category and I have to say that it is refreshing to know that I am not the only person who a) saw the film and b) loved it to pieces.

I got to thinking about my favorite parts of the film and thought I would pose this question to you all. What is your favorite scene in the film and of the 5 criminals (ie. Max, Ray, Carlos, Nick and Frank) who is your personal favorite and why.

I'll personal favorite character is Max. I just love the fact that he is the explosives man and he has a heart condition. The character is so reserved, but you get the feeling that if push came to shove, he could be hell on wheels. And I love the smile, too. Strange enough though, my favorite scene is a tie between Frank at the end of the film being arrested and Carlos after he has chased the car and the conversation he had with Max and Ray. priceless. The dialogue and sheer acting made the scenes hysterically funny and yet relevant to the overall story. Sheer perfection.

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Ray is my favourite charachter. I like the way that he's mysterious nobody really knows who he is and he sort of has to prove himself and does so with the excellent 'placing of the bombs' part. I love it when he's under the cop car at the traffic lights and Carlos is just chatting about Wanda Brem - great stuff


I have to say that Max is my favorite character as well. I just think that Fred Gwynne was great in this movie. My favorite scene with him would have to be when they all first get to Frank's house and he takes charge of the group. His best line, "smartest thing I ever did was to stop working with stupid people," I love the way he delivers it.

Another character I liked, even though he wasn't in the film all the much, was the sheriff ("don't forget to ad armed and dangerous"). Another small character that sticks out is the judge ("I'm almost certain that they wouldn't have let him lend you a stolen car").

As for my favorites scenes. Every scene that had Bill and George in it was great, especially when they were on the river. Ed O'Neil was hilarious and the part where he's trying to get across the river is priceless. And I already mentioned the scene when they all first get to the house, I also love it when George gets to the bank just in time to see them getting away, "NO!"

Great little movie.


I agree with you, I am glad to see that this film is being recognized by more people. I think it is hilarious, it is one of my favorite movies. I would say Nick is my favorite character because he causes so many problems and gets the gang into trouble (stealing the car, getting arrested). He is just so distant from the group and always manages to say something stupid. I love the part when he is talking to Carlos and keeps getting interrupted and finally just snaps going " I've got some *beep* toothpaste". However I would say that my favorite character in the movie is George (Ed O'neil) because he keeps thinking that Salizar is behind everything. I especially liked the part when he loses his clothes in the river. Hilarious.


Have to say Carlos. I love his attitude (reflected best when he shoots the bottles).

And yes, it is nice to know others have seen this movie too.

Best scene: When Frank's hands appear on the rock at the end.


"what do you see?...". "a couple of kids", "well what are they doing?...". "shooting bottles...". "there not even hitting them".



I can't say I have a favorite character. They all give great input to the movie. If I had to pick one it would always be Fred Gwynne.

Some of the best scenes:
Beginning where Nick gets off the train and gets a cold coke out of the machine and puts it up to his temple. I do that to this day and think of him.

I like it when Max takes charge when they get to Frank's house. "Who died and made you boss?" "Nobody made me nothin', that's just how it's going to be."

Ed O'Neill losses his pants in the river - classic Al Bundy there.

Carlos has a duffle bag full of machine guns and a chrome hair dryer.

Carlos standing in the road as the wrecked car gets towed by. "After he ran it off the road, rolled it a couple of times and ran it into a tree, I don't think he could get it started again".


I love them all, and each and every scene! I'm also glad I'm not alone admiring this film!

I always belly laugh when the entire sheriff's department and the out of town police are all squashed into one squad car. Wonderful!

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It's been a while since I've seen it, but I loved Nick's character and almost all his scenes; "I've got some f-ing toothpaste!". I especially liked when he steals the car and comes to the locked gate and it's sign, "No trespassing. Violators will be shot. Survivors will be violated." Hilarious. Definitely an underrated comedy.


Got it on DVD for Christmas love it. Altough i think it's just us guys that do!!! Start a petition for a re-release lol


OK.......favourite character has to be Carlos. I just love the way he talks and comes out with things like:

(to Nick)"The place next door is a real estate office. We pick the lock, we get in, we go through the wall, it's made of your brain."

Ray: He totalled my car?
Carlos: AND MY FEET!

Max: What have you got to lose?
Carlos: MY TEMPER!!

Ray: What about Nick?
Max: We bail him out.
Carlos: With what? With my good looks? Where you gonna get 5000 dollars?
Max: I got 400 bucks. How much you got?
Ray: Not enough.
Max: How much?
Ray: About 300.
Max: You?
Carlos: Why don't you just kick me in the nuts?

There are so many memorable scenes in this movie that I can't say which is my favourite although I love the scene when they are all asleep and then the gunshots wake them up and they think they are being ambushed. I love the face Nick pulls after being woken up. Oh and the scene where Nick's driving off with the car and Ray comes running out shouting "Nick's taking the car!!" and then tries to jump over the fence but catches his foot and falls flat on his face and his bewildered look when he gets back up and tries to regain his balance saying "He's taken the car....He's taken the car" and Carlos and Max just ignore him........I couldn't help laughing out loud at that because it looked so if Lou Diamond Phillips wasn't meant to do it!


the dude with the rifle who comes out of the store yelling was way cool

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that's hannibal from a-team isn't it?


My favorite character is Nick, and my favorte scene is the part when they get into the house/cabin for the first time and he starts talking about how somethings wrong.

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I saw this years ago o late night TV and was hooked. My awards are as follows:-

Corbin Bernsen - for being able to put up with what must have been days of night shoots with only ants and countryside for company.

Lou Diamond - For bing young an not in any way attempting to be mystical and/or tribal.

Fred Gwynne - For being Fred Gwynne and for really looking like he has heart condition

William Russ - WHy hasn't he been in more films, I love the massive cordless drill he brandisjhes in the getting-ready-montage but never actually uses.

Carlos - For the cool trousers, the angerand for [then] still having most of his hair.

Ed O'Neill - Solid performance always enjoyable

Daniel Roebuck - A perenial FBI/CIA guy in many many movies, another solid performer who I'd love to see on Inside the Actors Studio some time, if only 'cause the episode would take two days to cover all the many movies he's been in.

All in all a great little film that no-one's heard of and I can't say enough good things about...


George's face and breath intake when Bill advises him he's found some footprints. It's a hysterical combo George/Al Bundy moment.

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Favorite scene is the one where they are asking the cops for directions while mixing with their car. And he starts mentioning wenda or whatever her name was...from the bank. A genious move. He mentions the only person he knows in that little town. haha

I have to get back about the best character...I think the old guy gwynne. IT's funny that he's like a father figure for the rest of the bunch.

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Although it may sound sadistic, the part where Bill bursts into the bathroom where George and the gas station attendant are cuffed is pretty funny. Both of them groaning and yelling in pain while Bill tries not to step on them -- classic. I could also mention:

The first police station scene, where the two thoroughly embarrassed cops are trying to explain how they lost their collar, not to mention George's pants and his gun.

The look on George's face when Max's firecracker goes off and blows the distributor cap (Ed O'Neill is a comic genius).

Nick sticking his face through the hole in the wall he just made, which just happens to coincide with the face of the little girl in the big wall mural inside the bank (his blowing cigarette smoke through his nostrils is the icing on the cake).

Carlos, Ray and Max cracking up at the side of the road after being covered in cow dung, and cracking up more when Ray gives himself a spritz of Binaca.

And of course: Any scene with poor Frank.

I like the character of Nick. The arc is great. He goes from being completely self-serving to working together with the other guys, and the money's not even his prime motivation. He realizes: "Hey, these guys could've just let me rot in jail and disappeared, but they didn't. So I guess Max is right -- I owe them for all their trouble." But he still retains enough of his self-serving attitude to say, when he hears on the radio that Frank is going to take the rap for the bank caper, "Gee, that's too bad." I always laugh at that part.

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Another scene I think his hillarious is when Gwynne in the middle of kicking Nicks butt gets a heart problem, and Nick goes from scared about getting beaten to scared of his beater's health. "jesus you should see yourself!" LOL

It was a nice scene.

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