Some more Qu's

Was the guy at the rail crossing definately Ki-bong - the senior monk?

Who was it that was sleeping in the darkly lit "real world" room smoking a cigarette, - Ki-bong?

Was it Ki-bong who saw the peddlar come calling "sell/give me your unwanted items" The peddlar looked in the room he thought was deserted and was about to steal something when he saw the guy sitting on the floor in the corner - was this Ki-bong? The peddlar said something when he left fairly profound, like "give me your obligations" in Korean this could have been something peddlars normally say but in English it sounds weird.

So if this were Kibong, then these were all flashbacks.

When he went to get the medicine, I thought we saw the same guy riding a bike with bottles on the back - was this Kibong yet another flashback? On the other hand maybe it was just some guy on a bike.

Obviously Kibong's mother (blind lady) but who did she call out for? "Yao Nan"
Who would Yao Nan be? Ki-bong's father or brother? Or is Ki-bong's "real world" name Yao Nan?