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New Director's Edition DVD from Milestone

This is my favorite film. The new DVD is excellent. Bae Yong-Kyun has added 10 minutes of new footage throughout. This and new english subtitles makes the storytelling very clear. It is idealized but a very good film about the zen experience. Nothing extra. Every time I watch this it amazes me again.



This is in no way a criticism of the film, but I have to wonder if the person(s) who did the subtitle translations on the Milestone edition really understood anything about Buddhism?

I am pretty familiar with Seon and I defintely do not imagine that a Master would speak in terms of finding a "soul" or a "true self" - I really wish that I spoke Korean because based on what I know about Seon Buddhism I don't trust the content of the subtitles on the Milestone addition at all.

Can anyone who speaks both languages please comment on the subtitles?


That having been said, Dharmaga Tongjoguro Kan Kkadalgun is an extraordinary movie!


I have the original dvd, if you want, I could help you to compare what the original subs said. Just describe the approx runtime and who is saying the line at which point in the film and I will give you the original version.

Put your reply in this thread, and if you want me to respond send me a private message, which I might stumble upon after a few weeks LOL


I just watched what I assume is a much earlier, non-Milestone version, in two video CD. I don't speak Korean and can't guarantee but I did not notice any subtitles with the word "soul" or inappropriate use of "self". I think I would have noticed if there were any. There was only one scene's subtitles that I found annoying, some psychobabble about oneness. On the CDs' subtitles, I felt most of the language stayed true to form of a writer who's sympathetic to tradition - and I found it worthwhile and would recommend for other people familiar with that tradition - but personally I would not watch the movie for inspiration and I wouldn't pick the writer to be a dharma teacher.

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