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I've never seen this before- WTF!?

Did NOT see that coming.


Have you seen "Doppleganger" with Drew Barrymore? THAT ending outfreaks this one and leaves one wondering, "What the heck did I just see, and what does it mean?!"

I do like this ending and can say I did NOT see that turn of events! It's an unpredictable battle of wits.

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I saw the title of your thread when I was deciding whether of not to watch this movie and WTF kept going though my head every few minutes. Not just the ending. It added something to the experience.

I understand. Thank you for telling me. -The masked bandit



I was going to come here and post WTF??? as well!

Just saw it ... and I'm still thinking: WTF???


Count me in on the WTF - with all the drivel and utter garbage being made how refreshing to find a really cool movie out of nowhere - I found it on demand free movies horror and picked it because of Malcolm McDowell. It did not disappoint!

It had a Sleuth feel to it and I started thinking maybe they were lovers who liked to role play with each other and maybe it would get out of hand? But then WOW! Surprised this doesnt have a cult following.



Yup. It made the movie for me. Up until that point it was mildly interesting stalker movie. But that scene... Now that's how you turn the tables on your viewers. And the best part is that throughout the movie they do imply several times that he isn't quite normal, so if you watch the movie again, you pick up a lot new stuff.