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1. Julia Roberts has great make-up people these days.

2. Eric Roberts doesn't know how to ride horses.

3. Eric Roberts on foot can outrun men on horses.

4. Burt Young cannot change his New York accent. Ever.

5. Dennis Hopper can't use an Irish accent without looking like he has a steel rod up his backside.

6. Apparently, nobody in old california knew the Marco- Polo game.

7. The only good actors in this movie were never heard from again.

8. A woman can go from just pregnant to full term in a matter of days.

9. Giancarlo Giannini has a bad habit of getting murdered and then hung out of a building.

10. An Italian double barrel shotgun can shoot four rounds without reloading.

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Masterfully written and a pleasure to read. Congrats fellow critic!

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Amusing list. But I disagree with the remark about Julia Roberts' looks. She looked good then and she does now. My only surprise was how much she improved as an actress since this film.

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11. That Eric Roberts and Julia Roberts are actually brother and sister in real life.

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haha nice list, now i just have to see it!