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A couple of things regarding the final presentation

I've loved this movie ever since I was nine years old, but I do have a few (non-serious) question about the final presentation:

1.) if I recall correctly, there was some pretty epic stage lighting used during their presentation. Who set this all up, and who is running the light board?

2.) do you think the school administration made Bill and Ted pay for the broken light that Billy the Kid shot out when nobody was paying attention to him?

3.) or better yet, I'm surprised the police weren't called when Billy shot a loaded gun in the auditorium. Maybe they just shot it was special effects.

4.) not related to the final presentation, but what if the princesses actually turned out to be the great great great great great grandmothers of Bill and Ted? And when Rufus rescued them from medieval England and took them to present-day San Dimas, Bill and Ted just suddenly disappeared from existence? I guess they got lucky.


good points, how did they set all that end. without anyone noticing, plus the day was about to end short. plus. where did they get all that time and money to set all of it up that quickly.. when they had no time left. interesting. but its a fantasy movie... you just gotta go with it...


They just kept going back in time until they got just an excellent presentation


To me, the ending is the most ridiculous part of the whole movie.

I mean, if someone did this in real life, they would be laughed out and their presentation stopped early. Why would ANYONE believe they're seeing the real historical figures, instead of some crappy actors? Why would their performance and presentation be considered anything interesting, since they have no proof the historical figures are the -actual- historical figures?

Also, if people do BELIEVE they're the actual historical figures, wouldn't that have _ENORMOUS_ implications from the military to the government to history to the scientific community, etc. - when everyone in the world would then be forced to accept that a time machine exists and can be used to alter history..?

What would the 'world leaders' have to say (or most importantly, do) about that?

The other disappointing thing about the whole ending is that the basic core of the movie is very narrow and superficial. All that trouble, time traveling, seeing the future, talking to historical people just to .. pass a grade? Just to have a presentation, and that's it?

You'd think it could be something more important - now, of course they try to circumvent this by making it seem like 'they are saving the future world' by doing all this, but it just seems like such a tiny thing to achieve with such epic plethora of extraordinary possibilities at their disposal. Just some hags, a band, and a presentation, and that's all.

It's a fun movie, of course, and I always love time travel, but the ending really makes this movie much worse than it would otherwise be.


I have never watched this and thought that anyone in the audience thought that they were the real people. I thought, and it's been awhile, that the report had to be on a famous historical figure's and how or what the would think of San Dimas. Getting actors and writing scripts for them would have been good enough for a good mark.

The Wyld Stallions music was to bring peace. If Ted got sent to military school it wouldn't have happened. If it actually was something more important, it wouldn't have worked with these characters.