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I used to watch this movie on USA Network and Cinemax back in the early '90's, and decided to rent the DVD the other day for the hell of it. The picture was horrible. Fuzzy and colorless, but only for the first 57 minutes. Then it cleared up with good colors and a fine image. I was just wondering if any other viewers of the DVD experienced this. Alright thanks.


Grab the retromedia release "Party Nerds Toga Bash." It has both Party Nerd movies on it and pretty good quality.

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"Grab the Retromedia release "Party Nerds Toga Bash."

Yeah, this is the DVD I have and the quality is pretty good. Great special features as well. And having both 'Party Nerds' films on one disc makes for a fantastic double feature. I LOVE these movies and only hope that one day we finally get to see a "Party Nerds 3"! Rajnish Babakan Rules!

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I for one definitely needs a tromatic retro-dose of Assault of the Party Nerds 3!

Would be amazing, I'm sure! The first one I got on vhs, and I'd like to get hold of the vhs version of AOTPN2 as well.


I as well remember watching this on The USA Network back in the 90's when they had USA UP ALL NIGHT! I loved this show and it is a shame that they got rid of it though. There is a petition out there that would help out if you know of people who use to watch this show to let them know to sign the petition to help bring this great show back on again.


Thanks again!



I am not sure but I rented the DVD at the local Family Video here in my home town and the DVD was great because it had interviews with Mr. Gabai, Linnea Quigley, and Michelle Bauer as well. It was great to watch drhackenstine and I am sure you would love it as well.

Mr. Gabai talked about doing a Assault Of The Party Nerds III. for 2003 but it has not happened yet. I hope he will do it though. He did mention a couple of ideas which is one of them in Mexico and the other one in space. I am sure it would be a futuristic Assault Of The Party Nerds.

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PARTY NERDS 1&2 Streaming on NetFlix this month!!!


That is awesome to hear! I just heard that Hot Under The Collar is streaming as well on Netflix! I plan to check that out when I get home today from school!

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