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Arithmetic mean = 7.9. Median = 8, weighted average vote of 6.7?

Come on, what is that?

I like this movie a lot and I do not think it is fair that the weighted avarage is that much lower than the arithmetic mean = 7.9 or the median = 8. I do understand that only 207 have given their vote for this movie so far, but this is BS IMO.


I totally agree dude!

El Capitan


Agreed. This is an underated movie. The best flick about Vietnam ever made imo.


krusty the baker agrees too; this is a rarely seen and highly under-rated film. Illustrates the relationships within the unit superbly - consider the relationship between the redneck and his unit commander. And the ending too - wow...



Its in my top 3 of war films.

1) Paths of glory
2) FmJ
3) charlie mopic

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