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Very good movie, realistic

This movie has a very small budget, thus it is not perfect.

Someone earlier complained that there was unreal-ism with the pressed uniforms. So be it. Minor flaw. Is it possible that these men were issued clean clothes before heading out?

Another complaint was the dialogue and that it was very amateur. From watching the movie and reading quotes about it from real vets, it was very realistic. It might seem unrealistic because you are not used to it or it is being made by below average actors, but from what I have read from vets, it was realistic to the core. They talked just like they talked in the nam. They had the correct radio commands, correct jargon to the very core.

More vets commented on the actual troop movement, noise discipline and hand gestures. Once again realistic to the core.

More vets commented on how all the little things were taken care of in great detail. For example, when the unit puts out a booby trap. Very realistic.

Yes, you are not going to get a ton of flare from this movie but you will hear and see how it was really like in the nam. Where this movie lacks in top notch actors and big time visual/sound effects, it makes up in realism. I will prob never happen but I would love to see this film re-made with a big budget.

I have watched it now 3 or 4 times and love it. Love the realistic radio chatter in the choppers and LZs. Awesome


The film reaches a certain point where you may ask why MoPic doesn't just ditch the camera and help carry the wounded or fight. Fortunately, by that time, most people are probably so involved int he narrative that they don't think about that at the time.

Pressed uniforms?

The LT and MoPic were rear echelon troops, so would be likely to have pressed uniforms at the start of the mission. The LRRP team members start with clean uniforms, but they are not pressed.

Spoiler follows:

The last scene of this film, despite being the point where the limited budget becomes most obvious, is also one of the most emotionally memorable endings to a war film I have ever seen, perhaps because the format of the film makes you identify with MoPic - as you would a character who is written in the first person in a novel.