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Stupidest Censorship In The History Of The Universe

Comedy Network in Canada is now showing reruns of the show. When I saw these shows many years ago, explicit words weren't muted out (Canada doesn't have the kind of harsh censorship that America does). But Comedy Network's showings have things like "fag" and "prick" (as iin "that guy is a real prick") and even "anal" (as in "anal-retentive") muted out but they are allowing things like *beep* and "*beep*" (Cabbage Head says "I'm King of the mercy *beep*!") to go through unmuted.

So it seems they have idiots muting out "questionable" words that aren't even being used in their most explicit context, but leaving the super obvious swear words in all their glory. But then they'll show South Park totally unmuted with dozens and dozens of things that would be muted (or bleeped) on regular TV.

I wonder if maybe they only had access to recordings of the show that somebody else had muted illogically.


That's unfortunate, Zero.

I tell you one thing, this is a fantastic series to have on DVD -- and certainly reasonably priced on auction sites.

I think that would take a lot away from the show. Get the real version!


I started watching the Comedy Network repeats a coupla weeks ago and yeah, this all-of-a-sudden censorship is absolutely infuriating! A Buddy Cole monologue which bleeps out the word "fag" everytime, for chrissakes!! What kind of moronic PC nonsense is this? Who are these network censorship idiots trying to protect?


That is hardly the most extreme case of censorship, tho. Back in the 50s, "I Love Lucy" wasn't even allowed to show a double bed in Lucy and Ricky's bedroom! How they managed to conceive Little Ricky and Lucie is anyone's guess. Maybe a couple of quickies backstage, after Desi's shows at the Copa? lol


Lucie? Are you talking about Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball's actual daughter Lucie Arnaz? I doubt they conceived her on the set! (Same goes for their son Desi, Jr.)

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