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Better than Mr. Show. Better than The State.

Better than Whitest Kids U Know. Better than Human Giant.

Not as good as:

Monty Python or SCTV.

Of the "modern" sketch comedy programs, including all those not mentioned, Kids In The Hall reigns supreme.


Sounds good to me.

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Completely true.


The best of Mr. Show is right up there with the best Kids. A different kind of humor, but just as gut busting. I didn't used to think that at all, but seeing some of the Mr. Show stuff on YouTube the past few years has totally changed my opinion about that show.

I barely remember The State. I liked the one where everybody portrayed motor vehicles. You'd have to have seen it to know what the hell i'm typing about. I never remember anything that funny on a consistent basis. I'm sure they had some great stuff, but overall they are nowhere near as good as Python, Show or Kids in my opinion.


I place Kids In The Hall second only to Monty Python as the best sketch comedy show of all time.

SCTV third.

Mr. Show, Chappelle's Show, Little Britain all excellent too.

Saturday Night Live and to a lesser extent MadTV have great stuff but a hell of a lot of crappy filler.


SCTV can't possibly be third. The show was on more seasons, had wider distribution, had more spin off television and audio projects, and had more stars go onto major movie careers (than KITH).

I might even argue that SCTV is a bigger/better show than Monty Python, even though I personally prefer Python's more "sophisticated" humor.

It's kind of like how "I Love Lucy" is more "the best sitcom of all time" over Arrested Development, even though AD has much better writing, acting, and production values.


Bingo. Point by point correct.


Well, duh.

I remember Comedy Central paraded a few new sketch shows after KITH ended. Route 55 or something like that. Empty Lot or something like that. I guess the Empty Lot actually had a connection to the KITH. They had been on the show and one of them was one of the Kid's younger brother. You can't catch lightning in a jar twice, you have to rerun it... or something.


SCTV wasn't as good as KITH in my opinion. The first and second season were amazing, thats when they had Harold Ramis. Everything after was terrible.

That's my opinion, I agree with you on everything else even though Mr.Show is a close contender


To mention SCTV in the same breath as MP is sacrilege. Mr. Show is as good as KITH. The State sucked hard.


I personally prefer, and ultimately rank, 'The League of Gentlemen' over all the other shows that have been listed/mentioned on here.

I never at all liked or got the mass appeal and enormous appraisal of 'Chapelle's Show'; way too much simplistic and in-your-face humor for my own personal taste(though it did certainly have its moments I admit). But I'm obviously very much in the minority though when it comes to my opinion of that show.

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