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Which "Kid" made the best/worst looking woman?

Best: for me it's a toss up between Dave and Bruce, although I'm leaning more towards Dave.

Worst: Kevin, with Mark as a close second.


Best: Dave (although Bruce and Mark each had some pretty good ones)
Worst: Scott (Kevin had at least a few that weren't TOO bad, but Scott was never pretty)

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I think all of them made at least interesting looking women, but I have to agree with Kevin being the least attractive lady. His face is a bit long. Dave, Bruce and Mark made beautiful looking girls and Scott looked more manly, but still fine.

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Dave then Bruce then Kevin. With Mark and Scott tied for last.


Dave was the best. He looked so much like a woman in drag, it was unreal! I used to be so mesmerized watching him because I'd think, "Holy crap! He looks better than me!"

I remember reading comments from somewhere years ago from someone saying that he looked exactly like Isabella Rosselini, and you know what? They were right! They have the exact same bone structure and features. I can't find a really good picture showing the resemblance. This is the best one I could find, with him wearing the similar bob that Rosselini would wear:

Dave Foley:
Isabella Rosselini:

Here's a side-by-side comparison someone made.Even though they have different hairstyles, you would think it was the same person: