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The writers ruined Myra's character....

If they wanted to put Steve and Laura together, fine, go ahead and do it, but I just don't like that they completely sacrificed Myra's character to do it.

She had been completely rational and reasonable (for the most part) up until the last few episodes. She may have been fixated on Steve quite a bit during her time on to the show but never to the point where she was willing to be quite vindictive towards him or Laura.

Making Myra the bad guy just to make the viewers root for Steve and Laura to get together, I completely did not like.

Personally, I think they should have let Steve finally move on from his adolescent crush on Laura and realize he had a good thing with Myra, a woman who loved him and appreciated him for who he was.


Yeah. It's a shame how her character was treated. I never liked Steve & Laura as a couple.


Word! I can't believe that the writers thought that this was a good idea at all.

Yeah, some people might say that Myra showed signs of being crazy already years before she totally lost it towards the end of the show's run.
But they all forget that she truly loved Steve while Laura was busy drooling over her lame pretty boys. So I dont see how Laura was meant to be the one for him.