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Did anybody find Carl Winslow attractive?

Hello, everyone! I just want to know if anyone had a crush on Carl Winslow/Reginald Veljohnson back in the day? Honestly, he was kind of cute. Sure, he was on the heavy side, but I did not care. just because you are fat, does not mean you are ugly. That applied to both men and women.

Reginald was pretty attractive back in the day. (Not now because he has gotten more obese.) But he was good-looking on Family Matters.

Also, I loved the scene in Flying Blind (the episode where Carl and Steve were in the helicopter after an ex-convict drugged the original pilot and jumped out of the plane) where Carl wanted to sit in the pilot's seat and it was hard because Carl was fat and he was smushing Urkel towards the window. Anyway, what I loved about that scene was when Carl was showing his butt towards the window and tv screen. His ass is humongous.I was like damn! And his booty was jiggling. Oh lawd! I loved the sound that was made when Steve pushed his ass away from him and Carl's booty went up. Good show. Good show. And IIRC, I could have sworn that I saw that he has a wedgie or it could be just my imagination.

I really enjoyed that part. After seeing that part in Flying Blind, I definitely wanted to hug and kiss Reginald VelJohnson!

Anyway, did anybody else found Reginald VelJohnson attractive?


He was cute.



Nope not at all.




Yes, he was a very handsome fuller figured man. :)