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Would this programme be the same if done now?

I love this adventure of Michael Palin's, I have watched it many times and love it all. But a big part of what made it so special was how the world was back in the 1980s and communications were so poor back then, the difficulty of getting in touch with contacts and lack of information and knowledge of when ships or trains were departing, etc. It was almost like the olden times.
Of course technology is great and things have changed so much, but does that make the world a better place? In my opinion this programme would never be the same now, it would not be such a challenge and the 80s was a nice time, so much crap is happening around the world now. Shame.


Bit late but hope you get the message...

Great comment by the way, I just finished watching it again, probably my 8th time or so, will be travelling around the world myself in a few years so absolutely love this, of course the world has changed dramatically since then but I still would love to see this played out again.

For my own personal likes, I would like to see somebody like Gordon Ramsay do it, only sample and show more foods and cultures on his travels, he is fun to watch and would I am sure love the challenge. Only probably not going to happen as i believe he is attached to ITV/C and their documentaries are terrible anyway.

Most of all would love to see Palin do it again, allhough I am sure i did see a documentary a year or so back with Michael saying that he would not do it again for some reason? I think i recall this but dont know why!

Anyway great show loved every minute of it, Michael you are a true legend! Stone him!


I think the BBC did something similar a few years back with like tag team of personalities for charity. What they found was that, they found it difficult to get visa clearance for some of the countries and rule breaking had to take place where the personalities had to be flown.

Around the world was a one off where the format worked with Palin.

Its that man again!!


I know this is old but just seen this now watching pole to pole and its as good to. the closest to this show a good one is race across the world.