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Will there ever be a new Roger Rabbit movie?

I think this is one of the few things that could be brought back from the 80's and still have integrity.

What do you think?


I think it could happen with Disney being on a thunderous roll right now with sequels and spin-offs all the rage. I don't know who could ever fill the role of Bob Hoskins, the detective at the centerpiece of it all, maybe Bill Murray, who was in the running for the role. It would be ironic if the film were to tackle contemporary issues like governments and corporations being in bed together. Would make a nice comparison to the original film's criticism of capital cronyism by way of dismantling an entire transportation system and the current socio-political climate that prevents people from talking about the issues through polarizing it via groupthinks.


It would be nice to see Toon Town now require intellectual property keys to get into or out of and each of the toons worrying about their inevitable death when their copyright runs out. Could even thrown in a little Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett humour about the old gods waiting for those evicted toons outside and their hopes to reignite people's belief in them.

All set against a cocaine fuelled, bereft of originality, celebrity focused backdrop of E! and TMZ.

Ex-members of the Disney Club could get camoes as hobos.

One can dream TwinA!


The copyright concept, an incredible idea, Juror, and an awful headache for all involved studio legal representatives! I would really like to see something of that effect happen given how strict Disney is of its image. It would certainly bring the sequel full circle with the original, animation fighting for their cartoonist-given right to freedom of expression.