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Worst piece of crap I ever saw

Saw this years ago at a friend's place. We were having a "girls night" and someone had brought this movie and was all excited to watch it because her mother had been a fan and her mom had passed, so we watched it.

I don't think I have ever had such a hard time keeping my mouth shut in my life. I'm sorry but it sucks and is completely idiotic. I know I laughed in multiple places where I'm sure the filmmakers didn't intend it to be humorous, but I couldn't help myself.

And please - you find a strange guy from the traveling carny has broken into your house and decided to take a shower, you call the fricking cops! You don't get in with him for a thrill. Jus the first of many many things where you want to yell *beep*

The dialogue was painfully bad and it was practically a porno, which was NOT what any of us had been looking for. The woman who brought it described it as romantic and a love story.

NOT! It's a pathetically badly written story, with horrendous dialogue that tries to be edgy but is really just a select shot or two away from being straight up porn. Unless you get off on 'erotica' and don't really care about anything else other than 'almost' watching porn, then this is for you.

If you want something with an even halfway decent story and dialogue that doesn't make you flinch (or nauseated), then pass.

Oh, and if you wonder why I bothered to come here and leave this review... I was looking up something else and this appeared in a list on the side - and I thought "oh my god! That awful movie!" Just hoping I can help someone avoid it.


I know what you mean about the scene where the debutante discovers the carnival hunk in the shower of her parents' mansion, but this ties-in with the inverse closing scene. Besides, listen to what Perry says to April: He knew the truth because he read it in her eyes without words the night before at the carnival; and the rest of the movie shows that [b]he was right[b]. Yes, the sequence could've been executed in a less awkward manner but, nevertheless, it fits the main theme of the film.

If you can get past the softcore nudity/sex, or roll with it, "Two Moon Junction" is an entertaining Southern Gothic with a worthy script and the social mindfood thereof (I’m not getting where people say it comes off as if it were written by a 10 year-old, not at all). There’s a hypnotic quality to some of the proceedings, like the haunting “Poison Ivy” (1992), but without the melancholy.

Tyson as the roustabout looks like a more rugged version of Val Kilmer, albeit with darker, longer hair. Fenn is surely beautiful and shown tastefully (and unnecessarily) nude in the last act, but she’s actually outshined by McNichol in her physical prime. Seriously, Kristy is just stunning and worth the price of admission.

The script was well thought out and includes several gems, like the deep communication through the windows of the soul phenomenon and the dilapidated mansion that April (Fenn) and her friends used to hang out at when they were teens, calling it “our place.” Then there’s the sheriff, who’s in the pocket of the matriarch, and his respectful, but no-nonsense dealings with Perry (Tyson); and the latter’s love for his dog. Also, the commentary on the gulf between the Southern aristocracy and the “riffraff” is insightful. Should April mind that gulf and be well compensated or go with her heart? Either way, it’s a risk. Lastly, the story keeps you guessing until the final scene.

Look beyond the softcore erotica and there's a lot to appreciate.