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let's get it to DVD already............

Come on Paramount, quit stalling---forget about crap like Jackass and hurry up and get a good classic film like Tucker:The Man And His Dream out on DVD already!

reply's been on DVD now for years.

I'm just a patsy!


It's out, remasterd by Storaro, audio commentary by Coppola, a never before seen documentary by Zoetrope. It was released during Christmas of 2000, along with The Conversation.


It may not be in the correct aspect ratio; according to the main page the theatrical aspect ratio was 2.20, but on my 16:9 TV there were no black bars, so the DVD may be 1.78 or 1.85.

An original 1948 promo film might be the best bonus (although it appears to have been excessively cropped; the title text is cut off on both sides).


It's framed at 2.00, not 1.85. That's the prefered framing of Vittoreo Storaro who was the cinematographer, on animorphic films.


And who are we to argue with Storaro? ;-)


I admire Storaro a great deal and admit that on conventional TVs, his 2.00:1 compromise made quite a bit of sense.

But one need only check out the recent Blu-Ray of Apocalypse Now in its OAR to see how much better that film looks than all previous compromised versions.

Basically, home movie viewing has come a LONG way since he took this stance.

If Tucker ever makes it to High Definition, I hope that it is restored back to 2.39:1.

And I'd welcome a (friendly) argument with the master about this anytime.


Needs to be on blu ray. The DVD is out of print now. This was a great film. I actually watched in high school back in the early '90s in my US history class.

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