Battleship Guns

It has been a long time since I saw this movie, but I seem to remember that when a bell rang everyone had to leave the deck of the ship. The reason being was that the ship's main gun(s) were about to fire, and anyone still on the deck could be swept off the ship.


1. Am I remembering this correctly?

2. Was this true to life, or was this an exaggeration by the makers of the movie?



yes you remember right. i believe it to be real. another movie with the shot defening tommy lee jones. under seige. can't find this movie to download. was looking for yrs. had no idea on name but just today remembered ricky was in so i looked his info up.
can't wait for the new battleship movie for 2012



Thank you for the reply.

I have never seen Under Siege, but I usually like Tommy Lee Jones' movies.

What battleship movie is coming out in 2012? I didn't know someone was making a new battleship movie.



its a fleet exercise, and then they find an alien ship. then they battle it.
looks really good fighting wise. plot no idea. but it has some good actors.
and a battle ship


Cool! Thanks for the link!