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Just watched this film (spoilers)

I taped this off tv nearly 15yrs ago. I knew it was worth keeping.
The tape is a bit wonky with flickering but watchable.
I knew i liked it but forgot how funny it was.
Ned was great biting his tounge everytime he wanted to swear.
Reeves screaming in the lift.
I loved the group of reporters who followed the stories trying to out do eachother.

Great bits...
when the press followed leads they were always exaggerated to make a story more meaty. "there was blood everywhere". "he had a gun". "he had an oozi"

IKES ESCAPED! then they all run to the press office haha
when they get there, they all ask one guy one question
"how many guys helped him escape, 1 or 2?" the guy pauses & says 3
& then you hear a reporter shouting down the phone "there was 4!" haha

I recommend this if you like a laugh.


There are some great bits in this film. I especially love the segment with the rotating camera where each reporter is deliverying the same lines setting up the execution. I suspect some major planning went into that bit because it's all in one take.