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Love 'HGF'- Yet I still Like this Movie!

This sounds like a sacriledge. But although "His Girl Friday" is one of the all-time comedy classics, the remake is also a heck of a lot of fun.

It's no classic by anyone's standard. But Turner and Reynolds have a nice chemistry (Even though I understand they LOATHED each other while making this) and I bought their characters. The dialogue is decent and made me chuckle. The updating it to the modern cable TV news feeding frenzy works (most of the time). Christopher Reeve is very enjoyable in the Ralph Bellamy role. And I'll come out and say Henry Gibson makes a more sympathetic Earl Williams than in the original (whose name I can't even recall).

I love "His Girl Friday" passionately. It's a flawless piece of filmmaking.
But "Swiching Channels", while not great, is still a lot of fun to watch.

Is it the cardinal sin of movie lovers to like both the original AND the remake?



Agreed! I just said basically same thing elsewhere on this board.


I completely agree - very enjoyable film