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help with end of movie comment

what does the prison guard yell at the very end and who was he yelling it to.

"We're going to need a bigger boat..."



The prison guard yells something along the lines of, "I thought you were going to wall street". To Peter Weller.

The reason its confusing is because it was clearly a tacked on ending, and a direct reusing of the earlier prison scene at the start of the movie, just to show that Perter Wellers character did not stay with his fiance and then go to work for her father.

Thus he remained working for the Public Defenders office at the end of the movie.


nah the convict says that, the guard shouts out that guy who didn't want the condoms name

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The guard yells "Hey Boesky!" to the same man he talked to earlier in the film. He's a white collar criminal so the guard was comparing him to Ivan Boesky, the famous financier caught in the first big insider trading scandal in the mid 80's.


Thank you for putting this into its proper perspective! That's a line that 1988 audiences would have gotten, but it would have slipped by today's viewers.