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100 things i learned after watching Red Heat

When Arnold Wears a Green suit he looks like Gumbi

Arnold gets along with blacks very well

If you are taking a shower after just banging a hot hooker, chances are you are going to die

Black Hookers love Court TV shows

Scruffy looking Russian guys are extremely dangerous and will kill anyone

In Russia they will cut your balls off and flush them down the toilet

Belushi could care less that his friend died

Diplomatic Immunity allows you to bring a gun on an airplane

If Arnold asks you a question...99% chance you are going to tell him the truth

This Country allows us to lie

When the Bad Guy Russian Drives a bus he gets right on top of the wheel and gets as close as possible to the winshield

Belushi can spot a locker key in the blink of an eye


Only Arnold can make Vanilla Ice-haircut look badass.

Arnold has a divine power of KNOWING if you're using your fake leg to smuggle cocaine.


A .44 Magnum can hold over a dozen bullets.

Parakeets must be fed at a specific time of day.

Some Russians have Austrian accents.

Viktor has seen the movie _Taxi Driver_.

Blind people can rob banks.


Blind Bank robbers are saints and they don´t need their balls.

Once you get used to heat, you can hold a red hot stone in your hand and you won´t feel a thing.

If a person doesn´t know the law (Miranda) it doesn´t apply to them


Russians don't like cop based Eastwood movies
A Chicago police officer NEVER releases his weapon...unless large menacing black dudes cock automatic weaponry.
If you're blind, in jail and a bit of a bad-ass, even white man Arnie can't scare you.
Russian bad-guys have voices Lance Henriksson dreams of.
Brigandage - Burning villages, raping women.

'Only EFFORT, DISCIPLINE, LOYALTY, earn the right to wear the Dragon Doji.' - Oroku Saki


Chicago Cops find Russian guys in a Nurses uniform attractive

"Life is just one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead".


If you're gonna be participating in criminal activity on the streets, It's not a good idea to look like Marvin Haglar.


All americans cops eat cheeseburgers, french fries and donuts and drink coffee.


Russians who go into saunas are damn ripped



Arnold is not *beep*ing on you".

Miranda is in jail, too.

Door-jambs, they're dangerous.

There are four food-groups: hamburger, french fries, coffee and donuts.

Politicians - shoot them first!

Chicago cop never relinquishes his weapon - for two seconds.


Ritzick lost money on Hagler.


Black hookers in Chicago pack heat in their purses for protection

I'm a totally bitchin' bio writer from Mars!



Andy Serkis is older than I thought



He still likes the Soviet model better.


Ridzik looks like a cab


They have a *beep* house in Russia, and apparently they have one in Chicago too, and they're standing right in it.

If you crash a Chicago police car, you'll be filling out reports til you retire.

Ritzick don't wanna *beep* because he has a headache and good taste.

Tension and stress is best cured with vodka.


If you see a sack of 5h1t lying on the sidewalk it's quite possible he lives there.


Big dumbass guys carrying baseball bats have never heard of a bitch called Miranda.

There's a school in Kiev that can teach me anything.

If you need Ridzik.... Just honk.

Donnelly has "wigged out"

Don't question, just bring the top copy back to Donnelly.

Ask a girl how she's doing in a crowded place and she'll tell to "blow yourself" which apparently is " good thinking"

Ridzik is alright, because everyday somebody tells him to go @&*% his mothers a55