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Weird, seemingly random scene. “Hello? Anyone here?”

When they arrive at the hearing to determine Raymond’s future, they enter and it’s sort of furnished like a large house or something, but I guess the psychiatrist’s office is in there somewhere. They don’t see anyone, and Charlie is wandering around yelling “Hello?”. Why? Why in the world is that scene there? In the next scene they have apparently found the office and they are in there talking to the psychiatrist. I kept expecting it to pay off somehow but it did not. SO random.


I think the point was Charlie was expecting a formal proceeding with angry lawyers and doctors all coming down on him for running off with Raymond and not supervising him at home when the smoke detector went off. But it ended up being a very informal, rational discussion about what was best for Raymond.

FYI trivia - the psychiatrist in that scene is played by the film’s director Barry Levinson.