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how can people not understand the end ?

I've seen some ridiculous theories on this board interpreting the ending as ursula killing leon and putting his face on PIN frankly they just made me laugh .I don't understand how anyone can be so stupid as to think ursula killed leon ! she very clearly killed the dummy it just not shown on-screen .
Let me explain it to those who don't understand the reason Ursula at the end says says hello to PIN and says she misses Leon is not because she killed him but because Leon was a paranoid schizophrenic she was speaking in a metaphorical sense although LEON is still alive his mind went completely over the edge after the dummy is destroyed by his sister- he is no longer externalizing his psychosis and the PIN personality becomes dominant so much so that he actually fully becomes PIN himself thus LEON was completely gone and only "PIN" remained (his paranoid schizophrenia is not only alluded to througout the film but also directly mentioned when the boyfriend comes to dinner)really how can you not get this ?

also let me remind you:

1)The police were called to their house right after

2)Ursula is going on holiday with her BF at the end otherwise she would have been put away for murder for brutally murdering her brother with an axe

3)dummies don't cry

4)and most importantly nurses don't their time look after dummies !

There is really no "interpretation" to make the ending is pretty much crystal clear.After the attack on her boyfriend Ursula had enough and destroyed the dummy. PIN was a projection of Leon's split personality and as a result of losing the dummy Leon has suffered a complete mental breakdown and becomes PIN completely.Seriously it's like watching psycho and asking who is the killer Norman Bates or his mother ?
I saw this movie only once and it was pretty easy to understand what happened some of you people clearly have a very low attention span.

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Yeah, most imdbers are morons.

I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who knew what was going on at the end.


i can understand why people might have been expecting something different. this movie came out the same year as Child's Play.


I watched this last night, on a tablet while half asleep & a little hungover. I actually thought Pin was a sort of "Big Hero 6" type character at first, especially after seing Leon soldering wires on he RC car right after. I didn't make it through the whole movie, so re-watched the part in the doctors office on a larger screen and could see the doctors mouth move.... awww, ok... now I get it.

The ending was pretty clear, and was obvious it was Leon's crazy self fully assimilated into Pin's persona that he created. I don't know how someone could misinterpret that.


The ending to this was easy for me to understand I watched this movie when I was only like 9. And I still even at that age understood the ending. Wtf lol


The ending is absolutely great and devastating, it's more tragic and horrific and creepy than most horror movies of today, and there is not a single bloody scene!
It's just the true, real horror of insanity...and you care for the characters so the ending is really powerful and sad.