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they should make a new better movie about hearst

ok this movie is ok , but cmon, it could be soo much better.
evn the older film "the ordeal of patty hearst " is still crap.

they seriously need to remake this even in a really good movie.



It's time for this story to be brought back to the big screen.


even if hollywood teamed up with every single corporation in this sick country, the movie still wouldn't have more than 15% truth in it... its just a waste of time... if you care about what happened (on either side of the fence) do something! help battered womyn, or volunteer at your local "food not bombs"...

That was the entire point of holding Hearst... to reach a (even short-lived) solution to hunger and discrimination... All the SLA were asking for was $70 for children who went to school hungry every morning for 13 years (if they were lucky)

Her father didn't care that tens-of-thousands of kids go hungry every night... Children crying themselves to sleep because they haven't eaten in 3 days...
whole families sleeping under bridges on rat-infested mattresses if they got there early...

I've seen it... I've eaten with moms and kids who know hunger very well... Theirs is a life of necessity... Find money, or food, or you die... No 3'rd option.

Maybe you don't understand that

Patty's daddy didn't care, and neither did she... Just the money they spent on lawyers alone (the case went all the way up to the "Supreme Court") could have fed every hungry child on the west coast for a couple of weeks

think about it


I have no idea why this movie turned out so bad. It's an extremely interesting true story. I usually love schrader and the casting is ok. The story is fantastic and could easily fill a 3-hour movie or a tv-series. Lots of interesting topics like loyalty conflicts, ethics, politics etc It's psychologically very interesting. Everything about it is interesting, that's why it's unexplicable why it didn't turn out better. It's only half-good.

I totally hate remakes but I'd like a new PATTY HEARST movie, although NOT a remake of this. I'd like a spike lee 3-hour version of this. Even Schrader could do it again if he did it longer and better. :)

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