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Patty hearst MGM DVD on Demand Quality review

PATTY HEARST MGM DVD on Demand Quality Review

This DVD is not digitally remastered but taken from the best print available so says the the makers of this DVD.

The movie is presented in widescreen which makes it a step up from the VHS and region 2 DVD releases.

Picture quality is very good much better then VHS and the region 2 releases, but thats not to say it's perfect.

There is some grain and video spotting in parts of the film most notably in the court room scenes. The early part

of the movie is very clear. With this part of the movie being mostly in shadow and darkness the picture

quality is excellent. You can see the background in these scenes much clearer then in the VHS and region 2

copies of the movie.Over all the picture quality is very good, on a scale for 1 to 10, 1 being VHS tape quality

and 10 being digitally remaster DVD quality I would give this release an 8 for picture quality.

Sound quality is excellent. The sound is very well balanced with dialogue being crisp and clear and the music score

is clear without being over powering. There is no unwanted background noise (hiss,hum,or buzzing). I would give this

release an 9 for sound quality on a scale from 1 to 10.

The only extra is the movie trailer. There is no chapter search screen, you can jump ahead in the movie every 10 minutes

by using the |<< >>| buttons on your dvd players remote.

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