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So why is this in the top 100?

I have watched about 92% of the top 250 films, and I saw this one based on the fact that it was on that list. After seeing this film, I wonder why it deserves that spot. It is a charming film, with a lot of cultural and historical interest. But let's face it. It's quite long-winded and gets a bit repetitive at times. I felt that it was forcing the audience to be emotional through indulgent shots. There was no subtlety.

I just don't see it as "essential" cinema by any means, nor do I see it as a masterpiece. Just another depressing love story.


Your opinion, and you have a right to it. But it's not mine. I have always loved movies that pay homage to cinema. That is why I love this film and others similar to it, such as "The Majestic", "Matinee" and "Hugo".