Decent 'Affair'

This is a captivating, but rather predictable, romance/drama/thriller with strong performances by Peter Weller and Kathy Bates.

Does anyone remember this film playing in theaters in 1986? I hadn't heard of it until I found it on VHS in the clearance bin of a record store.

There are worse ways to spend 100 minutes. 7/10 stars.


It says it was filmed in Juliette, GA! Sweet molasses.
That place I could see making a great location for a film, especially a horror film. I went fishing there, at Lake Juliette, a couple times. Really beautiful, super quiet, and zero development around it; don’t even think you can camp, just fish on small boats. The only witnesses...are the pines.

That was fun. On the way back though..the last time...a crazed van with blacked out windows started tailgating my car, and then passing, sort of driving up to the side, and then cutting me off. Fun and games for a time, but this went on for a couple miles. Oddest part: the van had no license plates, only a bumper sticker that stated: “Everything's Better in Metter!” The "Metter" that was being vouched for being “better” was Metter, GA, east of there. Funny thinking back about that. Thanks for the other recs too!


Hello, Zurichpoet:

It sounds like you had your own little "Duel" going down in Georgia, which is just where the Devil went down (to), as Charlie tells us. Ain't it peachy?

This movie has tremendous atmosphere. I definitely had a "Deliverance" vibe while watching it, though it's not nearly that picturesque. Peter Weller and Kathy Baker, a fine actress who's never quite gotten the roles she deserves, in my opinion.

I have to say that the script of this film isn't quite as strong as its performances or direction. It's pretty predictable that Peter's enigmatic drifter character, who has killed Kathy's abusive husband, will later become her lover. Of course, I got that from the video box before I watched this, but it's pretty easy to guess the plot twists in this film.

In many ways, this feels like a cable movie from the '80s. It's certainly worth seeking out, but has a "small screen" feel. That's not a bad thing, but with a better script, this could have been an extremely compelling romantic thriller.


Was able to rent this a couple of months ago!!!

Weller's/Morris sure sounded a lot like MATLOCK with that southern drawl!!!LOL!!!

...and ofcourse being a widow'd whitewoman with 2kids(in blackwomen speak their usually considered "BAGGAGE" by future male suitors)she is going to start over somewhere new & will have "no problem" finding another husband who will love the thought of adopting her adorable kids and supporting them & her...

--- --- ---
"You're coming with me"

God Bless This Broken Road(song)

...She's a well-off widow. She see's Toby. She falls for him, but shes worried about his equipment...(Tristram Shandy)

...I am a poor distressed widow Sir, things are a temptation to me...(MOLL FLANDERS/aka Alex Kingston)


I found it on a "10 movie pack special" DVD, expecting a load of rubbish. NO.
I give it a 10. Thoroughly absorbing, superb acting, beautiful star.
My only complaint is that the credits are too hard to read on a 20cm DVD screen!


I thought this film was pretty solid, if a bit too slowly paced. The excellent acting by Peter Weller and Kathy Baker as well as the flavorsome rural atmosphere and 1940's period setting were quite tasty, but the meandering narrative was a tad heavy-going at times. 7 out of 10 from me.

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