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Best of the Hulk Show Reunion Movies

Although that's not saying much since none of the 3 reunion movies (made for NBC in the late '80s) was very good.Hulk show creator Ken Johnson wasn't involved with them.At least one should have ended with David Banner no longer a fugitive (I wish the "Banner on the run 'cause of a murder the Hulk didn't commit" storyline from the 1977 pilot had finally been resolved!), and the last should have ended with Banner able to live the rest of his life Hulk-free.As it is, "The Incredible Hulk Returns" deserves some praise because: 1) It was the 1st appearance of the prime-time TV Hulk in 6 years, and the returning actors didn't show any rust (esp. Ferrigno; his Hulk was as imposing as ever). 2) The TV Hulk finally got to meet other characters inspired by Marvel Comics (namely Thor & Don Blake;of course in the next telefilm he met Daredevil/Matt Murdock). 3) Most of the action scenes are good, and the Hulk catches the bad guy at the end of a climactic fight. 4) Banner had gotten to fully return to scientific pursuits. 5) Banner had a smart, easy on the eyes love interest. 6) Thor was amusing and pretty formidable, and he resembled comicbook Thor in face and build (although he could have been more muscular).


Actually, I think the best "Hulk" TV movie was the "Death of...", because he actually let a couple people in on the fact that he became the Hulk because he desperately wanted to get rid of it, and the scientist in this movie really wanted to help him- "I can rid you of this thing!"
But there were two glaring things wrong with it. First, the Hulk had been involved in countless explosions in the series which never lead to his death. So, why now? Also, Jack McGee was not in it. I think a good ending would have been somehow Banner cures himself and he goes to McGee to give him the story of the experiment which ultimately made him the Hulk, and that he was on the run because he had not cured it until now.


There was some merit to the "Return" movie. I just saw it again after many years and it wasn't too bad.

I actually liked the Thor character, but it probably cheapened the "adult" oriented Hulk series.

I enjoyed seeing David dodge Jack McGee one last time (however they should have continued with McGee in the last 2 movies).

Did the love interest seem a little too young for the maturing David Banner?

I disliked the cheap video look of the movie. The series looked much richer, somehow. (was this video as opposed to film?). I know the 80s had horrible tv movie productions. The movie music is cheap (unlike the interesting 70s show music which was masterful). However, they did keep the original song at the beginning and end. On the other hand, they used the cheap green "flickering" graphic lettering over the title sequence.

Did they do anything right in the 80s? The bionic movies lacked the 70s charm as well. I think they just cut too many corners on these cheap movies. At least they didn't get some hack like Mike Post to do the music. That would have been really horrible... Joe Harnell was very good.


>> First, the Hulk had been involved in countless explosions in the series which never lead to his death. So, why now?<<

Remember, the explosion occurred in an airplane, several hundred (thousand?) feet in the air. I don't think it was the explosion that killed the Hulk, it was the impact after a several hundred (thousand?)- foot fall.


The 2008 movie paid a lot of tribute to the TV show. I think, Ed Norton's severe drop from a helicopter, where he crashed THROUGH the street was a message - that a huge drop was not going to kill Banner/Hulk.


Also--how does David get a job as a research scientist without a social security # and background credentials?


I can agree with you on this Kevjess74. The Incredible Hulk Returns was personally my favorite of the three post-series Hulk movies. The story for The Death Of The Incredible Hulk might have been better, but The Incredible Hulk Returns was more action packed and fun. The Trial Of The Incredinle Hulk and The Death Of The Incredible Hulk are still good in my book though. I just like Returns more.

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orlandotj: [H]ow does David get a job as a research scientist without a social security # and background credentials?
Remember, it is explicitly stated here that he hadn't "Hulked out" in several years. This gave him the opportunity to stay in one place and carefully falsify an identity. This would start with going to a cemetery, finding a male who died in infancy in reasonable proximity to David's own birthdate, and obtaining his birth certificate from public records. From there, it isn't too hard. Or wasn't in the 1980s, anyway.

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