I liked THOR and JACK MCGEE here!

I just watched my 1988 recording of the "world premier" of "The Incredible Hulk Returns" that I captured back in the day and it was pretty damn entertaining~!

Aside from the reappearance of David Banner after six years, the Thor character was very amusing and was a real plus. It was great that Jack Mcgee was featured(man, it is CRIMINAL that he was missing from the last reunion TV movie!) and Charles Napier as the crazy cajun thug was a great bad guy, as always.

This isn't Shakespeare(or even nearly as deep as the regular series), but it is what it is, and it's FUN. I'm glad that I didn't erase the almost 20 year old videotape that I recorded when I was in high school when this thing first aired!


Jack McGee was cool


Agreed. Thor was both funny and likable while Jack McGhee was his usual amusingly pesky self. And it's always a treat to see Charles Napier as a bad guy.

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